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We create cutting-edge, Artificial intelligence-based solutions that automate football performance analysis and allow development of predictive models for player and team performance evaluation.

What we do


Sphaera revolutionizes football data capture. Our discreetly placed high-quality cameras transmit wirelessly to a receiver for secure cloud storage. We provide advanced analytics, empowering teams and players for a new era of football analysis.


Our cloud-based backend processes video feeds using cutting-edge AI and machine learning. We enrich frames with player positions, track movements accurately, and even follow the ball’s path. This data powers a range of statistics, from player performance profiles to ball possession percentages, empowering teams and players to elevate their game.


Our application layer extends football performance analysis to players, coaches, and trainers. Players gain valuable insights, coaches access rich data for analysis and training adjustments, and our internal application layer supports machine learning models with ground truth data. All securely in the cloud, bridging AI technology with actionable football insights.


We have revolutionized the way football data is captured on the field. Our sophisticated data acquisition system is designed to provide a comprehensive view of every match. We strategically position high-quality cameras close to the corners of the field, at an elevation of approximately 8-10 meters. These cameras are meticulously placed to ensure maximum coverage without intruding on the game. 
The magic happens when these cameras capture every moment of the match. The video streams are then seamlessly transmitted wirelessly to a dedicated receiver, discreetly housed in a field-side rack cabinet. This receiver is carefully positioned for optimal signal reception and data transmission to the cloud.
Inside this specialized cabinet, we have a wireless modem that plays a crucial role. It enables secure and efficient data transfer to the cloud on a highly reliable and secure cloud storage platform. This cloud-based architecture ensures that the footage and data collected during each game are stored safely and can be accessed and analyzed with ease.
Our unobtrusive yet powerful setup guarantees that we collect a wealth of data, from player movements to game dynamics. This data forms the foundation for our advanced analytics and insights, ultimately empowering teams and players to make informed decisions and improve their performance. With Sphaera, football analysis enters a new era of precision and possibilities.


Our commitment to delivering cutting-edge football insights doesn't stop at data acquisition; it extends deep into our cloud-based backend elaboration. Once the video streams from our strategically placed cameras reach our cloud infrastructure, the magic truly begins. Our backend system seamlessly processes these video feeds, utilizing state-of-the-art AI and machine learning algorithms. It's here that we enrich each frame with valuable metadata, pinpointing the precise location of every player on the field. This data enables us to track each player's movements with unparalleled accuracy and project them onto a dynamic 2-D representation of the pitch. But our capabilities don't stop at player tracking. We also meticulously follow the ball's trajectory, ensuring that no aspect of the game escapes our scrutiny. With this wealth of data at our disposal, we can calculate a myriad of statistics based on player positions, velocities, and ball movements. Whether it's measuring ball possession percentages, player heatmaps, passing accuracy, or creating intricate player performance profiles, our backend elaboration is the beating heart of Sphaera's analytical prowess. It transforms raw footage into a treasure trove of insights, providing teams and players with the tools to elevate their game to new heights.


Our commitment to advancing football performance analysis extends beyond data processing; it reaches the fingertips of our audience through our powerful application layer. For players, our application offers invaluable insights into their performance. They can delve into detailed statistics that reveal their strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. This player-centric approach helps them fine-tune their skills and optimize their game strategy. Coaches and trainers also benefit immensely from our application layer. They gain access to a wealth of data that aids in post-match analysis and training regimen adjustments. The ability to review individual and team statistics enables them to make data-driven decisions that can significantly impact their team's performance. Behind the scenes, our internal application layer is the engine that drives our models. Reserved exclusively for Sphaera developers, it supports our machine learning models by providing ground truth data. This ground truth is achieved through meticulous player tracking in select video segments, further enhancing the accuracy and effectiveness of our predictive models. All of this functionality is securely housed in the cloud, ensuring accessibility and convenience for our users. With Sphaera's application layer, we bridge the gap between cutting-edge AI technology and actionable football insights, giving players and coaches the tools they need to thrive on the field.

Our mission

Our mission is to revolutionize the world of football through cutting-edge artificial intelligence solutions. We are dedicated to automating performance analysis, enabling precise player evaluation, and empowering teams to reach their full potential. By harnessing the power of AI, we strive to unlock new levels of insight, strategy, and excellence, ultimately shaping the future of football performance analysis and prediction.

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Sphaera pioneers AI-powered football performance analysis, revolutionizing the game. We provide teams and players with data-driven insights, transforming preparation and competition. Our cutting-edge solutions offer predictive models that redefine football excellence. Join us as we redefine football excellence.

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